Knottingley Canoe Club FAQ

Using the Blog and Calendar FAQ

Who and what is the blog for?
The blog is for the benefit of Knottingley Canoe Club members and is intended to become the primary means of sharing club information. It is hosted on the Club website and forms part of the Knottingley Canoe Club “shop window” by letting everyone know who we are and what we do.

Who can read it?
The blog is open for anyone to read the comments posted. This will allow you to easily see if anything has been posted or updated. Also it becomes a “shop window” for what is going on at the club.

Who can make postings?
Only members of Knottingley Canoe Club can make blog postings. Users who have registered can comment on blog postings.

How do I register?
You must be a member of Knottingley Canoe Club to create a blog post, you can register as a user to comment on a blog post.
To register click on the post you wish to comment on, underneath the username and password box is a link to register. Fill out the name and email with a valid email address. You will be sent a confirmation email to this email address. Once you have your temporary password you can then log in to comment.

To personalise your profile, simply log in to your newly created account. The first page you will see is your edit profile page.

I’m a member of Knottingley Canoe Club and have registered as a user how can I create blog posts?
Your account needs to be upgraded please contact either Iain or Steve.

What can you post on the blog?
The blog is for the benefit of Knottingley Canoe Club members, so bearing that in mind:

  • Club business / information
  • Club events
  • Members outings
  • Paddling or club questions or comments
  • Paddling related items for sale
  • Useful information for other members
  • Notification of events for the Club Calendar
  • Links to websites of interest (please remember the audience and the appropriateness on the interest)

What can’t you post on the blog?
Bearing in mind that this is a public site and blog with a mixed audience, please be sensible with the subject content and choice of language. You must not:
DON’T ….. – See Steve

What is the difference between a Club Event and a Members Outing?
Club Events are; events / outings / sessions organised and typically run by the club. For example; Monday sessions at the pool, Weekend away trips to the Tees or Crake, club meetings and are open to everyone. If it is a Club Event, then this will be stated on the blog posting.
Members Outings are; arranged independently by a few club members, for example; a trip to Washburn, surfing at Scarborough but most importantly are not managed by the club. Children under the age of 18 will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
Note that all events, outing and trips should be posted on the blog and have a named point of contact

What is the Club Calendar for?
To let the Knottingley Canoe Club members know what is going on, when and who to contact.

What goes on the calendar?
All events, outings, trips, meetings and general dates of interest to Club members will be posted on the calendar.

Who updates the Calendar?
Initially the calendar will be managed by the “Calendar Girls”; Iain and Steve.

How do I get something onto the club calendar?
Post a blog entry which tells everyone what is happening (make sure you include the date). The Calendar Girls will then update the calendar. Alternatively contact the Calendar Girls directly and they will update the calendar and make the blog posting.